Marburg’s shrink label applicators have proven to be some of the most efficient and effective ways to apply shrink labeling to products. Their machines cut costs and increase productivity by mechanically attaching plastic labels to products in containers of many different sizes and shapes. The products are then sent through a tunnel that uses radiant heat to shrink the labels, sealing them firmly around the package.
    Shrink labels lock in product freshness with their airtight seals. They can also act as tamper-evident packaging, assuring the customer that the product is factory-sealed, while making removal easy via a perforated plastic tab. But one of the most innovative ways to use shrink labels is to have them perform triple duty as seals, tamper-evident packaging, and also decorative labels.
    There are no products today available commercially that are not labeled. The brand information, uses, directions, ingredients, and diet information must all be readily available to the consumer. Companies use their product labels as advertising space, incorporating eye-catching colors, pictures, and slogans to convince their buyers to become loyal customers. But printing these labels can be expensive. An attention-grabbing package is likely to be visually complex, requiring extra money be spent on additional letters and colors of ink.
    You shouldn’t do without your product labels. But if you’re already planning to apply a sealing shrink label to the top of your package, you should consider having your shrink label also function as your decorative label. By extending the shrink label to cover most of the package and having it printed with the decorative images of your choice, you can cut costs immensely by having one label do the work of two.
    Decorative shrink labels are becoming increasingly popular, and can be seen on everything from tubes of lipstick to beverage cans. Because they cut out the application of a separate decorative label and the expensive machine that applies it, decorative shrink labels are highly cost-effective. And they look great, too, with a sleek, modern appearance that is much sturdier than a paper label. Decorative shrink labels can be an attractive and cost-effective choice for any company that packages goods.

  • Marburg offers a variety of machines compatible with decorative shrink labels. Please start by checking out these:

    the M5/M6 Decorative Labeling/T-E Banding Machine, the M500 High Speed Decorative Labeling/T-E Banding Machine.