Boost profits and eliminate costly manual labor with this compact heat shrink tunnel . It shrinks PVC bands applied to a wide variety of bottle shapes and sizes. The tunnel is totally enclosed with dual controls for greater flexibility. It utilizes two, 3,000-watt CAL rods as the heat source. With flow-through ventilation, radient heat is used to easily shrink band. This compact, 22-inch long unit, eliminates the need for a lengthy conveyor. Installation is easily done by your in-house staff using standard tools. Comes complete with mounting brackets.


• CR6000- Standard – 3.5″w x3.5″h
• CR6000-MED – 6″w x 3.5″h
• CR6000- TALL –  3.5″ w x 6″h

  • Radiant heat shrinks PVC bands applied to
    a variety of bottle shapes and sizes
  • Dual controls
  • Flow-through ventilation
  • Two 3,000 watt CAL rods
  • Compact design eliminates need for lengthy conveyor
  • Easy to install with standard tools
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Come in standard, medium, and large sizes

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  • Get the datasheet.
  • Heat Shrink Tunnel Operator Manual

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Floor Stand Allows you to raise and lower the tunnel with hand crank

Lift Unit When wired to conveyor control and air will raise and lower the tunnel when conveyor is turned on and off

Floor Stand and Lift Unit Combo 


Material Guides For additional lay flat sizes of material

Vertical Perforation Attachment Will apply vertical perforation in cut band to allow for easy removal

Horizontal Perforation Option will apply a horizontal perforation on the cut band

TPerforation This option will provide a horizontal perforation and short vertical perforation

Photo Registration Detects a mark to allow cut to be between impressions

AntiStatic System 

Belting Systems with PreHeater Provides band support for containers with no shoulder

Conveyors Standard lengths at 8, 10 and 12 foot