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Get the best solution for your product-line and budget… from entry level to high-volume machines! Marburg Industries provides an extensive array of shrink labelingdecorative labeling and Tamper-Evident banding equipment that allows you to grow as your business expands. Masrburg is a packaging machine manufacturer for many industries.

Tamper Evident Pharmaceutical Machines

Marburg has serviced the needs of this industry for decades. Our Shrink Sleeving applicators provide Tamper-Evident seals for pharmaceutical products from prescription medications to over-the-counter treatments, from nasal sprays to cough syrup.

Heat Shrink Cosmetic Sleeves

Marburg has serviced the needs of the cosmetic industry for decades. Our high performance heat shrink sleeves provide Shrink Labeling and decorative labels for products ranging from nail polish to emory boards, from eyeliner to lip-gloss.

Food & Beverage Neck Banding and Tamper Evident Machines

Marburg has serviced the packaging needs of the food and beverage industry for decades. Our high performance shrink sealers apply Tamper-Evident neck banding and Shrink Labeling for products ranging from bottled water to margarita mix, from seasonings to barbeque sauce, from jelly to peanut butter .

Equipment for Snack Packaging

Marburg has serviced the packaging needs of the snack & candy industry for decades. From Tootsie Rolls to Red Vines from crackers to cookies our snack packaging equipment can provide decorative labeling and Shrink Sleeving solutions to your snack & candy products.

A Wide Variety of Markets

You name it, Marburg machines have packaged it. From cough syrup to mayonnaise, from marinating sauces to ribbon… Marburg has serviced the needs of many, many industries for decades.

Very Small Items

Marburg machines package the tiniest of things. From chapstick to breathmint drops, from trial-size mouthwash to nail polish… Marburg has met the challenges of very small items of many industries for decades.